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Radius of Jupiter

The average radius of Jupiter is 69,911 km or 43,440.5 miles (radius 34,955.5 km or 21,720 miles). The reason why it is an average is because the radius is not exactly the same when measured from all end points. The radius of Jupiter’s equator is 71,492 km or 44,423 miles (radius 35,746 km or 22,211.5 miles). The radius when measured from pole to pole is 66,854 or 41,541 miles (radius 33,427 km or 20,770.5 miles). It is the quick rotation of Jupiter (9 hours and 55 and half minutes for full rotation) which causes this widening at the equator.

When compared to the Earth’s average radius (6,371 km or 3,958.5 miles), Jupiter’s average radius is 10.97 times larger. Jupiter’s equator radius is 11.21 times larger than Earth’s equator radius (6,378.1 km or 3,963 miles). Jupiter’s pole to pole radius is 10.52 times larger than Earth’s pole to pole radius (6,356.8 km or 3,950 miles).

Jupiter Radius Compared To Earth
Jupiter Radius Compared to Earth