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Jupiter's Surface

Although Jupiter’s surface area is a massive 61,418,738,571 km2 or 23,713,907,537 mi2 (120.414 times Earth’s surface area), Jupiter does not have a firm surface as we are accustomed to here on Earth. So where would you stand? Maybe the question should be where would you fly or swim? This is because the colors we see when observing Jupiter are its clouds (upper gaseous layers) which are mainly composed of Hydrogen. But then as you probe beneath the clouds you would reach liquid hydrogen. And if you probe further you would get to metallic hydrogen. Then lastly you would reach the core which may be solid (rocky). But good luck getting there since the enormous pressure and temperature (cold and hot) would be unbearable for any living organism.

Some believe underneath the clouds, Jupiter’s surface may look like a giant ocean with violent storms. The image on the right is an illustration.

An illustration of what Jupiter's surface may look like
An illustration if Jupiter's surface looked like an ocean